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Just Thinking... 

Find strength in knowing that you can make a difference in the world.

Bugaboos & Ampersands

Harmony and symbols calling me to do something with them. "Make us feel purposeful, important and fancy, like part of your world again," they shouted to me. With life's lessons, I created poems without words and added them to my artistic purview.



Feathers fluttering and flapping while dreams float. Some of my work found its inspiration from gardens and parks where I built garden boxes from scratch. The fresh crisp air of the moment reminded me to embrace all there is to be thankful for, like the discarded materials I find on paths.



Getting lost in thought can take me on a spin so I look to the clouds to lighten my spirits. Then they remind me to look to the ground sending me in an unanticipated direction. I laugh at myself to stay easy and breezy, inspiring me to put together something cool to wear like yellow turquoise.


Trash Talk

Protecting the world seems like an arduous task when unproductive thoughts come about. However, with them, comes a chance to reconstruct those thoughts into meaningful messages. Then I think, "As if I am the world," I discover a new lesson, write a story about it and share it.

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