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NoWords began as a project-based community development initiative to connect people to art and gardening. Offering free poetry and visual art workshops to the public allowed us to create platforms that gave people a chance to improvise and communicate auditorily, visually and with movement.


Inspired by the humble beginnings of making functional art from reclaimed materials NoWords.Space (as it became known), also initiated a poetry reading series called, Trash Talk: Reconstructing Thoughts to tie-in the environmental focus while rebalancing perspectives. Working together toward a common goal by building something each person could benefit from was our mission. 


NoWords.Space has since branched out into a boutique design house specializing in the creative development of fine arts with the same mission.


Maybe you and I can create a place in the presence of birds, squirrels, trees and pearls, where we can gather with friends and family and be present with faith. 

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