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Beginning Again

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words."

~Robert Frost


NoWords.Space was developed to promote the creative arts specifically in the areas of performance art/spoken word, visual arts and gardening. Today, NoWords.Space LLC has been redefined to showcase art and design in environmental spaces, as adornments and as visual communication products


LUV is Cool was created as the community engagement arm of NoWords.Space. Our founder, Dalila Brooks, has this to say about poetry and why she believes it can bring people together, "We have the opportunity to redevelop the way we gather and socialize. We create a space that allow participants to focus on a particular topic. The poems they write, and share have become the catalyst for talking to each other again. They can also assist us by building our belief system, developing relationships, both interpersonal and professional as we find our balance again socially."  

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