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Beginning Again

"There is so much to be grateful for,

words are poor things."

~Marilynne Robinson


Our Humble Beginnings

(before the LLC)

NoWords began as a project-based community development initiative to connect people to art and gardening. Offering free poetry and visual art workshops to the public allowed us to create platforms that gave people a chance to improvise and communicate auditorily, visually and with movement. Working together to build community has been our mission.

Where We Are Presently

(as we build our vision)

We build in two ways, through our community events and with our products. Our products consist of designs for environmental spaces, visual communication products and consumer goods.

Our community events are managed by our community engagement arm, LUV is Cool, where we develop events to refuel our creative selves. We do this by partnering with groups to offer visual art, poetry and spoken word workshops.

Our Vision 

We believe that a community's health is its wealth. Investing in one's own personal well-being assists us in bridging the gap between ourselves and our communities. We offer consumer products, events and workshops dedicated to making you a sacred space and your home your personal sanctuary, with nature as our inspiration. 


Maybe you and I can create a place in the presence of birds, squirrels, trees and pearls, where we can gather with friends and family and be present with faith. ~Dalila Brooks

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