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 Have faith, have hope, have courage, and carry on.
~Maggie L. Walker

NoWords.Space LLC creates visual communication products, environmental designs for public spaces and consumer goods. We use story as the foundation for the development of all of our products. The majority of our experience comes from working in film and video production, publication design and creative writing. We love the idea of connecting place, heritage and time to create a meaningful experience. Whether you will be joining us for an event or you purchase an item or two from our product line, we enjoy producing unique and cool finds.

LUV is the acronym for Love 'Ur Voice, the short story behind LUV is Cool - our poetry workshop event series we've been developing over the past five years. Founder, Dalila Brooks, has this to say about the formalities of poetry and why she believes it can assist with fostering confidence when speaking:

"We create a space that allow participants to focus on a particular topic. The poems they write and share can become the catalyst for building our belief system, developing relationships - both interpersonal and professional - as we find our balance again socially."  

Today live your best poetic life. Tomorrow, begin again.

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